February 02, 2010

Taking a Walk on the Cold Side

Stained Glass is considered cold glass.
Fusing Glass is considered warm glass.
Torchwork and Glass Blowing are considered hot glass.

I'm at a crossroads... so I've decided to branch out and take a stained glass class.
Warm glass is awesome and I couldn't imagine my life now without it.  I took a torchworking class (Intro to Boro) at Aquila Glass School.  The class was cool but I think people already working with hot glass would get more out of it than I did. 
Another reason that I'm looking at stained glass is... well many supplies and lots of glass for stained glass came with my studio.  So start up costs would be much lower.
Here's some of what I have to work with:
Several packages of copper foil tape (probably expired but stored well), a foiler, many rolls of 50/50 and 60/40 solder, three soldering irons, many boxes of various beveled glass pieces, two wet grinders (not pictured), a band saw, a wire saw (hidden on the left) and lots non-fusible sheet glass.

So I say... why not put all of this to good use?  I was never excited about stained glass before... thoughts of working with lead and hot irons didn't exactly float my boat.  But now the more I look at it... and realize that it can be much more than just making suncatchers and panels... I'm interested for sure!

My classes start on February 10th... I'll keep everyone posted.  :)
Oh and if you work with stained glass, I'll take all the advice I can get!

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  1. How exciting to be starting a new adventure. Do keep us posted with how it is going. :)