March 15, 2010

Gamer + Learning Stained Glass = Epic Project

As you all know, I'm taking stained glass classes.  I love it so far and have a greater appreciation for this glass art.
So my first project turned out pretty good.  Copper foil method koi fish.
Now we're learning about lead came.  Our teacher wanted us to choose our own projects keeping straight lines in mind.  Straight lines... hrm... after brainstorming a bit... what could be more "straight lines" than Tetris?

After deciding on the size and how many squares (don't hate me because it's not 10 across!) I created a grid on my computer.  8 squares across and 12 squares high and each piece is 2in (5cm) square.  I didn't want any two colors touching (one corner doesn't count, lol) and each piece had to be turned at least once.  That's a puzzle all in itself!  The colors are as close to official as I could find where the glass still matched.

Here's my progress so far.  Sorry that it's not the best picture, had to take it with my cell phone camera.

Only some of the rows have been completed so far.  I'll work in it some more this week... I had no idea how time consuming this stuff is.  I'll keep y'all posted!  :)

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